Thursday, July 3, 2008

Co. A 1/46th Inf.

These are my best photos of Alpha Company at the Leader's Training Course in Fort Knox, Ky. I feel like I did a pretty good job of covering everything, but there are several things I wish I'd done better. I wish I had gotten to know my Cadets better, spend more time with 1st and 2nd platoons and shot a few things differently. The busiest part of my internship is over and now I'm just covering things for the paper. I'm having a blast and really enjoying this job. I hope everyone's internships and/or summers are going well! (Sorry there are so many photos.)



* = Co. C


Kristen Houser said...

tanner. wonderful. such beautiful repetition and symmetry.

Kellie Manier said...

I really like the one of the the three people walking across the tight ropes.

P.S. i'm just like everyone else!

Briana Scroggins said...

Dang kiddo! It looks like you are getting some great stuff! Keep it up!

britney said...

i liked so many of these that i had to scroll through about 10 times trying to remember all the ones i liked. that is a good sign.

hopefully ill see in you in lexington soon before you leave!

Garcia said...

awesome stuff dude. my favorite is the single guy climbing the rope ladder web thing