Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Long time no see

I swear I'm still alive and taking photos. I will update in the next few days with the best photos of my company. Sorry for such a long delay. For now though, here two photos that mean a lot to me.

My grandma died last Wednesday after fighting Ovarian Cancer for five years. She lived with us in Lexington and was always right up the street in Ashland (where we lived first). The first photo is after my high school graduation. My grandma said she wanted to stay alive to see me graduate high school, something she didn't do, and start college. The second photo was taken just over a month ago after Mother's Day. We got her a new swing so she could sit outside. I assembled it and we layed there for a long time. I don't really know what else to say other than I will miss her more than I can say with words.

RIP Nanny 1930-2008


Jim & Sue said...

The pictures say it all -- laugh a lot, love a lot -- enjoying life!!!
We're sorry for your loss.

Jim & Sue

Mesojacob said...

your grandmother was always very sweet to me and I am extremely sad to hear of her passing. one thing i will always remember was how proud she was of you Tanner. she could brag on you for hours. i feel extremely lucky to have met such a kind and caring woman. she will be missed.

kohl threlkeld said...

dude, your gonna make me cry. hope your doing well. Your stuff looks awesome.