Tuesday, April 7, 2009


So, I've learned recently that baseball is really hard to shoot. I went to my first game on Friday and came back with nothing. Today I went out again because the light was great and I needed to shoot some pictures. I'm not very good at the action part so far but I really enjoy shooting more feature-y pictures. So here's what I got today. Let me know what you think and any advice you have for shooting baseball!




I couldn't decide between these 2:




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Anonymous said...

TANNER! NICE STUFF! Your opener is pretty sweet. Nice and tight. Toned nice. Looks good.

Okay, you said you wanted tips. When covering baseball it's all about anticipation. You have to think where in the hell is the ball going?
When going out to cover a game, you can always get this one shot every fucking time - the slide at second. That's what you got. Nice.
Next, when there is someone at bat, depending on the side of the plate they stand on is the direction of the ball is going. That said, if they stand on the left side, the ball is going to the short stop. Pre-focus on the short stop, then wait for a dive shot.
After you got a safe shot, then that one, the next is the home shot. When there is someone on third, pre-focus on home. You want to pre-focus because when they slide, they're moving. Anytime you can pre-focus in sports, it's a good thing. Watch the legs and head of the guy on third. That tells if he is going to haul ass or not.

That should get you started. You're kicking ass. Keep going.