Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Photo A Day: Day 1

This week Will Yurman interviewed for a teaching position at WKU. He gave a presentation to the students and said that he has posted a photo a day to his Web site for the past few years. This is my attempt at that same project. I think it will help me to be more self-motivated and fall in love with pictures more and more. Check my Web site for daily updates!

I shot this while looking for an immigration story for my picture stories assignment. I went to Iglesia La Hermosa and sat in on a Spanish bible study for a bit. I didn't find a story, but it was an interesting experience to be the only English speaker in the room and not really know what any one was saying.


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kohl threlkeld said...

Nice photo with a great moment. Your APAD section of your website is really strong so far, keep it up.