Monday, July 27, 2009

Week 4

Favorites from week four in Kalamazoo.

I've been shooting a LOT of food since I've been here. We have a section called Dining Out that I get at least one assignment for a week. Here is some of the food from this week.


(That wasn't for an assignment. I just thought it looked cool.)




These two are from Island City Fest in Plainwell, Mich. This year they featured an antique tractor and farm implements show.



The next two are from a jazz concert I shot on Friday. Helen Sung is an incredible jazz pianist. I say this knowing nothing about jazz, but it sounded good to me.



This last picture is from the first funeral I've had to photograph. I felt bad being there. I tried to be as respectful as possible. I stayed behind a small wall and used a long lens. I think I maybe shot 30 frames the entire time. This is one I really like, but almost felt bad for shooting. The McDonough family embraces each other at Robert McDonough's funeral Saturday. The funeral for the Fabius Township supervisor and former Three Rivers mayor was held Saturday at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Three Rivers. The church was nearly full of McDonough's family and friends.


Any critique/criticism/snide remarks are appreciated.

OH YEA! Check out the video I made of Terry Cleary from the week 2 entry. Sorry the editing is a little rough, I'm still learning the program. Any feedback on that would be awesome.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Week 3

Sorry this post is so late. My favorites from week 3 in Kalamazoo.

My first assignment for the week was to photograph abandoned/condemned/blighted buildings. This is the window into a basement of one of the buildings. The board was most likely removed by a squatter. At every house the people that showed the reporter and I around looked around to make sure no one was squatting there.


I had my first A1 this week (the toilet picture is mine, too)!

a1 blog

This picture ran inside, but I like it better than the one that ran A1. The story was about a one-year-old girl who had spent her whole life in the hospital due to heart defects. She finally received a heart transplant last month and was released. Over 40 family and friends gathered at the home to welcome little Lindsey.


These two are from a press conference held at the Pfizer building in Portage that has been vacant for a long time. Carl Sedlak, the man pointing, is an investor from California. He bought the building and is planning on leasing it to businesses in the area. The building has a glass ceiling that made some pretty sweet light.

Press Conference

Press Conference

This is one of the nicest women I've met here. Pam Drake and her son Liam Drake, 5, of Oshtemo walk around the yard of Benjamin Drake's 19th century home. Pam and Liam donned Civil War attire to attend Benjamin Drake's 222nd birthday party. Pam and Liam Drake have no relation to Benjamin Drake.


I can't remember the man's name, but this banjo was handmade! The strings are made out of gut and the neck of maple!


These are from a new festival in Kalamazoo called Woofstock. Sue Willming of Kalamazoo throws a toy for her dog, Bella, to catch in the Ultimate Air Dogs competition at Woofstock Saturday. At one point, Bella jumped over 19 feet.


LEGEND The Band performs at Woofstock at the Arcadia Creek fairgrounds Saturday.


Tido soaks owner Christy Charles, of Kalamazoo, while drying off after competing in the Ultimate Air Dogs challenge at Woofstock Saturday.


I also did my first video project this week! Check it out here.

Let me know what you think! I'll have another update posted in a couple of days from this past week.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

K-zoo Week 2 (Get it? It rhymes!)

Sorry for the delay in posting stuff from week 2. I've had a crazy week. I traveled to and from Lexington this weekend to shoot a wedding (a couple pictures later in the post). Some assignments are more fun than others but I'm really enjoying all of the different kinds of people I'm meeting on assignments. It's definitely the best part of this job.

This is Chef Sean at the Coffee Bar. We did a profile on their new location. Since then I've gone back for lunch and had an AWESOME panini.


Jack Driver was one of my favorite people I met last week, though. Jack was stationed on the USS Hornet, the ship that received Apollo 11 and took the crew aboard. He lives right outside of Kalamazoo, so we're doing a story about him.


I've also been shooting a lot of kids in water pictures.




But, by far, the most interesting assignment I've had so far was about Terry. Terry has Locked-in syndrome. He suffered a stroke 12 years ago that did damage to the lower half of his brain, but not the upper half. This means he is totally cognitively aware, however, he has no motor skills. He communicates using his eyes to blink "yes" or "no" or to go through a chart of the alphabet and spell words. The woman in these pictures is not a nurse. Her name is Roxanne. Roxanne's church visited Terry's nursing home eight years ago and went door to door after being stuck inside by a snow storm. Roxanne and Terry have become best friends and she has become one of his primary care givers. Their story is beautiful to me and I can't wait to spend more time with them while I am here.




This weekend I shot my first wedding. It was interesting. I had a good time but was exhausted at the end of the day. Here are just a few pictures I really like. The first two are of the groom's son (the second with the groom) at a lunch the day of the wedding, the third is my friend's sister and the last is the bride and groom in their first dance.





Sorry for the length of that entry. Let me know what you think!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Kalamazoo Gazette: Week 1

Just as I was starting to be ok with cashiering all summer and giving up on the hunt for a second job I applied for a last minute internship opening at the Kalamazoo Gazette in Michigan. Well, I got the internship, put in my two week notice at work, packed up my car and moved to Kalamazoo last Sunday. So far I'm really enjoying the paper. Here are some of my favorites from assignments this week and a few from around my apartment.



One of the first things I shot here with one of the staff photographers. A feature on Camp Discovery, a camp funded by the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan. The camp is tailored to children with Epilepsy.

Photos from my first assignment on my own: a youth fishing program run by the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety.



This small town, Colon, Mich., about an hour south of Kalamazoo is known for how they celebrate the Fourth of July. There is a boat parade, a street parade, and tons of fireworks.



A feature from an assignment about a group of families that traveled together to China to adopt young girls.


My apartment.



Expect more consistent updates from now on. I'm enjoying shooting pictures again, although I enjoyed my break after this semester to recharge. I'm also hoping to start on a personal project here soon. I have a few ideas. Let me know what you think!

PS: You can check for more from the newspaper