Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Vintage Baseball

This is the start to another small project I'm hoping to work on in my few weeks left at the Kalamazoo Gazette. This past Saturday I drove to South Haven, Mich., to photograph a vintage baseball game. It was so much fun. Basically, each team has their own time period and each time period has specific rules. Some of these include not running past first base, no sliding or diving to catch the ball, the ball always being in play, and no gloves. There is a double-header coming up next weekend in Douglas that I'm hoping to photograph. Let me know what you think!







Here's what ran in the paper.

080309 MON GAZ A1, A5 LOC


Wesley Bacon said...

proud of you! the fam in the van is great. i love that little girl in the front window.

Jim and Sue said...

Tanner -- We've enjoyed all the pics from Kalamazoo. You've captured the city & the people in a wonderful way that only a photographer can do -- especially the vintage baseball game.

Hokie & Sue

Bettina said...

we have those strange games here too, but i haven't shot one yet. the black and white really brings out the story and the detail of the wooden bats and guys waving their hats are my favorites. I would have liked to see the one of the guy running the bases from a higher angle to separate him from the heads and get those cars out of the background. sorry for the barrage of comments, i'm chatty tonight.