Saturday, October 24, 2009

Red and White Swimming

Today I shot the red and white swim meet at WKU. The team competed against each other in preparation for the season. I tried some new things today just to see what I could get. Here are my favorites.






Let me know what you think!


Luke S said...

I think your 4th frame is much better executed than the 5th. I would maybe consider cutting it out and ending strong with your 2nd to last frame. Good work though!

Bettina said...

Nice work! The zoom is an almost but hard to nail focus-wise because you're moving on two different planes, if that makes sense. The other ones look as though you're trying to layer but not all pictures necessarily need to be layered. That one of the player squirting the other would be much more effective if you zeroed in on them and didn't have those other guys, basically doing nothing in the frame. Only layer when each element adds something to the overall mood or story of the photo. I should be one to talk, I don't layer enough though. But nice work.