Sunday, February 7, 2010

Long time no post! WKU vs. Troy

First post of the new year/decade! I haven't really shot a lot that I've been happy with since my last post. I'm working on that though. I'm also working on re-making all of my web stuff, so there could soon be a new, a new blog, etc. I'm taking Intro to Multimedia this semester and am very excited about it. Expect some audio slideshows in the coming weeks/months. For now, here are some pictures from last night's men's basketball game against Troy. It was great to shoot sports again. I forgot how much fun it is. Let me know what you think and I hope not to go two months without posting again.




OR a tighter crop?




This was crazy. Troy guard Vernon Taylor dove over a row of seats for the ball and busted his ass. He was on the ground for at least a couple of minutes before one of the assistant coaches came over to help him walk back to their bench.


Every game they throw a bunch of one dollar bills on the floor and let people grab as much as they can in one minute. It's kind of ridiculous.




katelin said...

As a fan of college basketball and Tanner Curtis, I most definitely approve :)

I love the one that you shot through the circle as they were doing a warm up cheer. It's so well framed (well in my silly opinion, at least.) said...

Tanner ever since I started following your work last year, you have never left me not blown away. Coming from a high school student... you are the stuff my friend.