Monday, September 13, 2010

WKU vs. UK

As a preface, there will probably not be many updates this fall. I am currently the photo editor of the College Heights Herald and spend a lot of my time looking at the work of my awesome photo staff. I, however, do not have a problem with this. I like editing more and more every day. I am also taking a video class, so expect to see some of those posted throughout the semester. I do get to shoot stills occasionally though.

Yesterday I went home to Lexington to shoot WKU vs. UK at Commonwealth Stadium. I went to a few games there as a kid, so it was very exciting to be on the field instead of somewhere in the stands. I had not shot football in almost a year and was pretty nervous for the game. I tried to channel all of that into excitement. After WKU scored a touchdown in the first minute and a half I got chills. I thought we might actually have a chance at breaking our two year losing streak. Unfortunately, last night wasn't the night. Nevertheless I made some pictures I was happy with, although they are more feature than action, but I'm ok with that. I can't wait to shoot some more sports this fall! Let me know what you think!