Thursday, February 3, 2011

Photo Editing

Last semester I was hired as the photo editor for the College Heights Herald and I loved it. I had an amazing staff who did some great work. I really enjoyed the editing experience. I learned a lot from working with other editors and looking through hundreds of photos every week. These are some of my favorite issues from the fall 2010 semester.


Last semester I took the Web Narratives class at WKU. This was my first time shooting and producing video pieces. Some were more successful than others I think, but overall I enjoyed working with video. Here are three of the pieces I made last semester. The first was for an assignment called "Journey," where our only job was to take the viewer on a journey.

This video was part of a team project with Kelly Lafferty. The assignment was to choose a zip code and produce short video stories showing what makes it special. We focused our project on Rosine, Ky., the home of bluegrass music. This is the video I produced.

This was also a team project with Ben Severance. The Web Narratives class teamed up with students from the Practicum class and produced stories about high school football teams in south central Kentucky. We were assigned to Greenwood High School. The other projects can be viewed on the Friday Night Lights website.


It's been a looooong time since I've posted on here. Last semester I was the photo editor at the College Heights Herald and took a video class, so the blog fell to the wayside. I will try my best to post here more often now. This is my last semester at WKU. I'm incredibly excited but also incredibly nervous. Most of the semester will be spent working on one project, but there will be other things, too. I'll make another post with videos from last semester and a few of my favorite Herald issues.

For now, here are some photos shot on my iPhone with the Hipstamatic app. I've had the app for a while but have never really played with it. These are some fun sets of pictures from the last month-ish.

I even made the title hip with lowercase letters and a period!