Tuesday, June 7, 2011

RIP Andrew Igidi

On the night of Memorial Day Andrew Igidi, 74, was shot dead outside of the Hot Corner Market on Albany Ave. in Hartford. Igidi's death was one of four homicides to occur last week in Hartford and one is 17 this year so far. His brother Emanuel (first and last photos) invited the Courant to a vigil being held for him at the site of his murder. The vigil was hosted and conducted by Mothers United Against Violence, a local organization reaching out to families of victims and attempting to stop the killing.


Brian said...

Nice work Tanner, Love that portrait.

lmrlv said...

RIP Andrew Igidi! Now this really makes me mad. Mr. Igidi was such a warm, kind and giving man. He always wore a big smile and always had a laugh or two to share. And just about every time I saw Mr. Andrew he was shopping or already bogged down with bags containing items to send back to those in Nigeria that are less fortunate. I've seen him corner the market (often $100-$200)on clothing items in Dollar Tree to send to Nigeria to be a blessing to others. I travel to West Africa a lot and Mr. Igidi was kind enough to help me conduct business with Nigerians in Gambia. He's speak to them on the phone for me in his native language and this really thrilled the people. He was charming with them and they said that they felt like they knew him for years. Mr. Andrew even was kind enough to talk to a wonderful and beautiful Nigerian woman that I know in Gambia. He spoke so well of me and she liked his advice and conversation so much, that she is now my fiancee. Thanks for being you and thanks for the great memories Mr. Andrew. I will miss you so very much. But, I know exactly where you are and that's with Our Father.

I Love You,

Arnel lebby

P.S. I'd love to get in contact with Emanuel Igidi. I want to be a part of consoling your family back in Nigeria.

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